Mission Statement

The TSG corporate philosophy is embodied in a statement of purpose that explains the principles underlying TSG’s relationship with our clients, the travel industry and our employees.This proposal describes TSG’s considerable resources — management and operational personnel, technological capabilities, and a vast array of services — which will be employed to meet your company’s travel wishes and objectives. .

Where agencies vary widely in their personnel capabilities, TSG’s most valuable and distinguishing asset is the experience, longevity, and quality of its personnel. Carefully recruited, thoroughly trained, and fairly compensated, they are instilled with a sense of caring that permeates every aspect of their dealings with the public. In an industry with high levels of built-in stress, TSG’s internal corporate personality (first-name friendliness, formal and informal support systems, rewards, etc.) carries over into our client relations. Clients enjoy a high degree of service continuity because TSG’s managers and counselors like and hold their jobs.

In our opinion three of the most dominant trends in the travel industry today are (1) an ever-sharper focus on cost reductions, often at the expense of service features, (2) increased market segmentation, aimed at increasing the number of business travelers, and (3) competition and rapid attention to market share. The resulting “fluid environment” is often confusing and frustrating to travelers, whose focus on their own business objectives precludes mastery of airlines’ shifting policies and procedures. These trends, which are evident in many facets of daily operations, create frequent turmoil.

The industry is undergoing a series of technology-driven revolutions, which has changed the way customers receive service. From electronic ticketing to smart cards to on-line booking systems, TSG maintains a forward-thinking position. The advent of corporate intranets/internets offers unprecedented distribution opportunities. Policy information, electronic reservation and expense management systems, car be housed in an on-line environment for employees to access, regardless of location. In the face of these rapid, overpowering changes, we look with confidence and will continue to make investments in technology to lower costs and improve service. TSG has focused on building our competencies in identifying and engaging the best technologies for customers.

Travel agents are the buffer between the airlines and their customers. Primarily responsible to our corporate-travel clients, TSG continuously analyzes and evaluates airlines’ decisions and services to identify problems and opportunities for individual corporate clients. Equally important, we negotiate solutions with airlines of our choice to provide the best possible service for our clients’ travelers.

Your company cannot independently keep up with the complexities of cost-effective air travel and, at the same time, materially affect policies and practices bearing on services received. Until or unless the travel industry stabilizes and the travel process becomes simple, routine, and predictable, travel agents will continue to be vital to organizations for whom travel is an essential and costly business expense.

TSG has demonstrated the knowledge and skill to consistently provide our clients with the service and advice that have permitted them to fare well in the chaotic travel environment. In all candor, the job gets more complex every year.