Travel Services

Corporate Travel

TSG has always exceeded our clients’ expectations and is proud of the above-and-beyond standard of service we provide to our clients. TSG is determined to maintain this type of service in spite of stressful fare wars and frequent airline policy changes.

In today’s world of constant change, the airlines have reached an all-time high in their chaotic fare structure. The prices and restrictions are changing daily, even hourly! In order to take advantage of this chaos, travel agents have had to hone their skills in the manipulation of the CRS to obtain that precious fare for their clients.

  • International Travel Services
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • VIP Services
  • Discount Airfare, Car and Hotel Programs
  • Travel Industry Updates
  • Travel Consolidation
  • Preferred Vendor Relationships
  • Proactive Account Management
  • Policy Development

International Travel

Agents Experienced In Planning International Travel
With the experience of the agents currently servicing our international clients, we are confident in our ability to provide knowledgeable service to the international traveler. TSG’s consultants have a combined experience record in international travel of 70 years and have been selected for their expertise and concise knowledge.

Accurate International Fares
Our consultants are trained to be proficient in meeting the demands of the international traveler while providing the best possible fares and information to the travel arrangers and travelers.

Our international fare quote system contains over 30 million fares and provides the flexibility required for complex international pricing. It automatically prices virtually any itinerary type while also validating all applicable fare rules. In addition, it finds the lowest available fare for an international itinerary.

International Rate Desk
TSG has its own International Rate Desk. This department is managed by an international rate specialist who has more than ten years experience in calculating international airfares, and determining international routes. The rate desk manager has had extensive training from the airlines, Iatan, ARC and other organizations in fare calculation methods.

VAT (Value-Added Tax) Refund Assistance
TSG offers European value-added tax (VAT) recovery service. Through obtaining European VAT refunds, we can help reduce some of your European travel costs by up to 25%. VAT is charged on all goods and services throughout Europe at rates averaging from 15% to 25%. Corporations are generally entitled to refunds of VAT paid by traveling employees on hotel charges, car rentals, meals, professional fees, conferences and trade shows, and other travel related expense categories.

International Cell/Satellite Phones
TSG has partnered with TravelCell, a premier global cellular phone rental company, to provide its international travelers with the convenience and advantages of a cellular phone, no matter where in the world they are. At a time when telecommunications are so important, TravelCell provides travelers the best in service, at the best rates.

Destination Information
All international travelers will be provided with destination information including health requirements, foreign travel advisories, climate, appropriate clothing, holidays, location of US embassies and consulates, international phone calls, maps of major cities, information on local transportation facilities, car rentals, baggage allowance, excess baggage charges, local taxes and how to obtain refunds on value added taxes.

Visa and Passport Services
TSG can provide all international travelers with passport and visa applications and, if necessary, offer delivery and pick-up to and from the appropriate office. All travelers will be advised of requirements for processing their passport or visa.

“Fly America Act”
TSG is very familiar with the provisions of the “Fly America Act”, the guidelines by which travelers must abide when traveling on federally funded international trips. TSG has prepared a brochure entitled “Understanding The Fly America Act” which defines the regulations and exceptions.

Currency Exchange Information
TSG will advise international travelers on current foreign currency exchange rates, and the pros and cons of using cash or major credit cards abroad. Automobile insurance requirements will be advised for foreign car rentals. Travelers will be advised of excess baggage requirements and fees for each particular airline.

Travelers Checks, Currency, and Emergency Fund Transfers
TSG provides travelers checks, foreign currency, emergency fund transfers and other overseas monetary services through Ruesh International. Ruesh International operates a reliable foreign exchange network throughout the world which provides business travelers with a responsive source for their foreign exchange needs.

Consolidator and Wholesale Tickets
TSG has developed valuable working relationships with a select group of consolidators that have been proven reliable within the industry. The international consolidator market encompasses: Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, India, Asia, Australia, Central and South American and the Caribbean. TSG makes every effort to utilize these deeply discounted fares when beneficial to our clients.

International Rail Travel
TSG has the ability to research, reserve and ticket rail schedules and travel throughout the world. Working with both select rail agencies and representative vendors in this country, TSG has at its fingertips a complete and far reaching network of international rail travel.

International Steamship and Ferry Travel
TSG, utilizing extensive resources, has the ability to thoroughly research, recommend and book freighters, steamships and ferries throughout the world. Familiarity with publications such as the “International Steamship Guide International” and “Fodor’s Freighter Guide”, coupled with representatives such as “Traveltips”, enable TSG to offer a variety of these types of accommodations for our clients.

Meeting Management

Meeting Management Pros

TSG welcomes the opportunity to provide support for meetings and conferences worldwide. Our meeting specialists enjoy planning events. They look for opportunities to enhance meetings through location selection, unique activities or something as simple as a special theme luncheon.

Their attention to detail ensures that every guest receives the individual attention that they deserve including airport/hotel transfers, special room amenities and special meals. They ensure that meeting rooms are equipped with required flip charts and audio/visual equipment and that seating is configured to promote the appropriate atmosphere for the meeting.

As our client, you’ll work with event planning professionals who will prepare a detailed budget to control the costs of your meeting. We know that this success depends on personalized service and attention to every detail. Our dedicated meeting professionals have an average of 15 years experience in the travel industry. Meeting and conference services customarily provided to our association clientele include:

Air Transportation to Meetings

  • We serve as a liaison between your organization and the recommended “official airlines” in the negotiation of special “meeting fares” for attendees to the meeting. Rates will include discounts off even the lowest published fares
  • We help coordinate group flights for large chapters/offices attending the meeting.
  • We design a customized web reservation form for the meeting. The form includes the meeting name, location, date, and flight reservation request. The meeting participant completes the flight reservation request, and submits it to our meeting service team. Our travel consultant completes the reservation and e-mails the participant a detailed flight itinerary and cost for their approval. This web form can be linked from your web site.
  • You will earn productivity tickets from the “official airlines” based on attendees’ tickets purchases. The usual ratio is 1 free ticket for 40 issued.
  • We will help you obtain pre-site inspection tickets in order to finalize your hotel and meeting room arrangements.
  • Often, we can provide upgrade certificates on select carriers for executive staff to attend the meeting.

Lodging for Meetings

  • We provide site suggestions and budgets based on meeting planning requirements.
  • We negotiate hotel room rates and the cost of meeting facilities.
  • We arrange for additional services such as golf, tennis, skiing, restaurant reservations, welcome cocktail party, farewell banquet, sightseeing spouse programs.

Ground Transportation at Meetings

  • We negotiate special car rental rates for attendees.
  • We provide for “earned rental cars” based on booking of attendees’ cars. (Usually one free car for each 20 bookings).
  • We can provide upgrade certificates for VIPs.

Other Meeting Services

  • We can provide on-site staff whose responsibilities include: overseeing all ground transportation, coordinating all functions, reconfirming return air reservations and providing clients with any additional personalized assistance as required.
  • We work closely with the company personnel to ensure that the company’s wishes are met throughout.
  • We negotiate special cargo discounts for the shipping of conference materials.
  • We provide meeting city information to each attendee ticketed by TSG. Included will be: distance from the airport to downtown; driving time to downtown; taxi rates; rapid transit information; names of on-site rental car companies; map of the city.
  • We provide laminated luggage tags for VIP’s and staff members attending the meeting.